Zero Tolerance means rejecting Mercy

Zero Tolerance is the concept that anyone who is immigrating to the US is suspect, guilty of wanting to be in the US and should be incarcerated upon entry if seeking asylum. Certainly, when a crime has been committed, separating children from parents who have committed the crime is seen as smart public policy.   Yet,

The Last Days of a Great Republican, Statesman, and National Treasure

    Remember when Republicans had purpose beyond building personal wealth. They vied for unity by saying Thank You to our countrymen after serving their country alongside them? That was before Republicans elected Trump. In contrast to Dole, Trump only serves his own interests, has never volunteered for any cause or group, and actively avoided multiple

Restaurateur Defends Her Values and asks Sarah Sanders to Eat Elsewhere

On Saturday, June 23, Fox News broke a story that Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant in Virginia.  She responded to inquiries by stating that she was asked to leave because she worked for the Trump Administration. Sarah Sanders misses the point.  She got it wrong again. She says she was asked to

Trump and the GHP

Never in my lifetime did I think I would witness Republicans looking the other way when it came to homeland security and Russia. House Republicans are politically endorsing the fantasy that Russia did not influence the election toward Donald Trump. This is one more embarrassing example of well-wishing and opinion substituting for fact. When politics