Suicide of a TransMan As some know me, I have no children of my own, so I consider the young gay men, lesians or those who identify as transgender as my kids.  No matter where they live or who they live with, I consider them to be my kids. So when one of these children commit suicide, his

Not His Father’s Son Ruining the family name.  Franklin Graham is clearly not his father’s son.  Any pastor that comes to the conclusion that Sodom & Gomorrah was destroyed due to homosexuality didn’t study his Bible, but imposed his home-grown homo-hatred onto the Bible. Jesus never advocated for the killing of gays or prostitutes, never urged the death

Coming Out at Work Brings Benefits to All Silence equals death, people.  Do not expect change until you decide to make your own change.  When you hide in the darkness, those who live in their truth sense that you are hiding something.  When you hide things, others sense it.  They cannot know whether it is a truth, an evil, or a danger. 

Zero Tolerance means rejecting Mercy

Zero Tolerance is the concept that anyone who is immigrating to the US is suspect, guilty of wanting to be in the US and should be incarcerated upon entry if seeking asylum. Certainly, when a crime has been committed, separating children from parents who have committed the crime is seen as smart public policy.   Yet,

The Last Days of a Great Republican, Statesman, and National Treasure

    Remember when Republicans had purpose beyond building personal wealth. They vied for unity by saying Thank You to our countrymen after serving their country alongside them? That was before Republicans elected Trump. In contrast to Dole, Trump only serves his own interests, has never volunteered for any cause or group, and actively avoided multiple