Progressive Liberal Politicians are in leadership today because republicans refuse reality.

I am glad that the progressive liberal democrats managed during COVID (  kept the police from arresting people living in their cars. It was the moral thing to do.  Putting the homeless in jail would have killed more of them. In fact, they took great care to find hotel rooms where the homeless could reside

Increased Attempted Suicides in the LGBT Community

Were you aware that —according to the CDC, one in four LGBTQ+ teens attempted suicide in the first six months of 2021? We can expect an increase in attempted suicide after the attacks on LGBT kids in several states and the “Don’t Say Gay” bills that are being used to shut down parents, kids, and

To Pride NW Board, Debra Porta, Executive Director, Kari Anne, Henry, and Rowan,

In 2022, you are the team bringing us Portland Pride Waterfront Festival and Parade. Debra Porta, usually wise, humorous and wonderful continues to lead, speaking the truth, listening to the community, schooling those who need an education, and taking a stand when one is required. It is a popular position to hold. Yet, it is